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And in the 'House' they call 'Commons', the disciples of the pompous and the proud gave forth the following command: "We shall go unto the people of this land and create laws that will cause hardship and untold suffering to the poor and needy." And the disciples in the place they call the 'House of Lords', gave their unholy approval to these laws, and sanctioned them accordingly.

So it came to pass, that the most needful peoples of this land allowed themselves to be subjected to these laws. But not all surrendered so easily. There are those, who it is rumoured, who are unhappy and rebellious and refuse to be subdued. And so websites such as this one came to be created.


Here are the new definitions for each part of the website:


Brown Bears - Russia.

Brown Beavers - North America.

Brown Billies - International.


Brown Doggers - Other political parties of the UK.

Brown Noses - Lib Dems.

Brown Outs - Labour.

Brown Shirts - Tories.

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Me + Advice

Cold beer, warm sunshine.
Brave new world?

What the heck?

Shit happens, as they say. Well, you will certainly get enough of the 'brown stuff' on this website.
I just feel that with a large amount of it being dumped on us every year, that there should be response. At election time, when the parasites come asking for our vote, we can at least let off some steam. Not that it does any good, simply because nothing will change. Politicians will still behave like assholes whoever we vote for.
So why do we put up with this? Unfortunately, there is a significant minority of the population which is large enough to vote for the pariahs that many of us despise.
Who do we blame? We are raised in youth to believe in what we are told, what we see on the television, and read in the newpspapers. But when it comes to important political comment through any of this media, chances are that what we read and hear is going to be horseshit. And let's face it, nobody bothers to ask if all of this is going to be the truth.
Should we care? Those who do not care enough will just ignore the world around them and indulge in the daily routine that they have become so comfortable with. Watch a movie, game of football on the TV tonight, go to the pub, etc. Anything that takes your mind of what you really should be concerned about.
So yes, shit will happen because there is not enough incentive to stop it from happening. For the victims, I would say try and stop being so. The more it does happen to you the more angry you should be, and the more determined you should be to change the circumstances that lead to it happening. Don't be shy, timid, reserved or afraid of criticism. If something happens to you that you really do not like, react accordingly. Whatever is thrown at you, try and give back at least two-fold. Perhaps those who are abusing you will stop and think twice before they treat you the same way again. I shit you not!

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