"Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often, and for the same reasons"


This is my old 'Browned Off' website archive. It is a cut-down version. Enjoy, or despair.

The quick links:


BB008: Covid-19 Advisory.


BB007: Trump asks Alexa.

BS011: Boris and Bricks.


BS010: Panama Papers - Exotic, erotic and despotic locations!


BB006: Donald's new friendly image.


BO001: Wally & Vomit - and an observation on the state of British politics.

BS009: 'Dave New World'!

BS008: Dave, Nigel and dodgy deals.


BB005: It's not easy being a benefit claimant!

BB004: The adventures of Ug! Episode 2: Ug goes to the Jobcentre.

BB003: The adventures of Ug! Episode 1: Ug goes for a medical assessment.

BB002: Where the 'dark money' will be spent on the 2015 UK General Election.

BB001: HAVE YOU BEEN SANCTIONED? Lost your benefit payments for being just a few minutes late to sign-on?

BD002: Nigel Farage underlines his views on breast-feeding!

BD001: UKIP to Tories: You WILL be assimilated! NB. One for the fans of a certain sci-fi programme!

BN001: 'Big Vince' sets out his plans to save the Lib Dems!

BS007: Iain Dunan Smith's Guide to Begging!

BS006: Rebel Tory to stand at next General Election! Another Tory howler?

BS005: Iain Duncan Smith's 'cunning plan' (also known as 'Water Closetgate').

BS004: David Cameron's astute views on tonight's game against San Marino.

BS003: Holly cow! America saves us at the 11th hour! Or ... what may be broadcast shortly before the 2015 General Election!

BS002: The inspirational thoughts of the Tory's own 'Chairman Meow' (e.g. a blueprint for the radical claw-back of 'overpaid' benefits).

BS001: David Cameron, the French, the EU and the destiny of the UK (and more Freudian faux pas)