The so-called
'Summit on Peace in Ukraine'

"Dine on carnage, eat breakfast in Hell"

The beginning of a story that is really more of a fairytale than a constructive path to peace. Ergo, the events that occured should be taken with a very large 'pinch of salt'

It's a story of how many nations and assorted other VIPs came together to discuss the situation in Ukraine. But the absence of critical elements (eg. Russia) from this meeting seriously calls into question it's credibility and lasting value.

Regardless of what was discussed, this website is dedicated to showing who attended and how they voted on the final but largely meaningless resolution. And in the meantime, the war continues. More guests who wish to keep feasting while they can.

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Long live the 'resolution'?

"Firstly, any use of nuclear energy and nuclear installations must be safe, secured, safe-guarded and environmentally sound. Ukrainian nuclear power plants and installations, including Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, must operate safely and securely under full sovereign control of Ukraine and in line with IAEA principles and under its supervision. Any threat or use of nuclear weapons in the context of the ongoing war against Ukraine is inadmissible."

"Secondly, global food security depends on uninterrupted manufacturing and supply of food products. In this regard, free, full and safe commercial navigation, as well as access to sea ports in the Black and Azov Seas, are critical. Attacks on merchant ships in ports and along the entire route, as well as against civilian ports and civilian port infrastructure, are unacceptable. Food security must not be weaponized in any way. Ukrainian agricultural products should be securely and freely provided to interested third countries."

"Thirdly, all prisoners of war must be released by complete exchange. All deported and unlawfully displaced Ukrainian children, and all other Ukrainian civilians who were unlawfully detained, must be returned to Ukraine. We believe that reaching peace requires the involvement of and dialogue between all parties. We, therefore, decided to undertake concrete steps in the future in the above-mentioned areas with further engagement of the representatives of all parties. The United Nations Charter, including the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states, can and will serve as a basis in achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine."


These 'ideals' are worthless. They may as well have been written on toilet paper, used, and then flushed away. They bear little resemblance to reality.


Good question.

There has been talk of a further meeting, but who will be invited to attend, and will all of the critical elements needed for a successful meeting come together at this time?

No dates have yet been suggested, but there may be such a gathering later this year.


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